Fire has never been tamed so elegantly before.

'Calm' fireplaces instantly deliver the cozy warmth of a classic wood-fire. Enjoy the clean-burning flames without the mess of smoke & soot - both indoors & outdoors.

Portable Fireplaces

Real-fire warmth without the mess of smoke or ash.

Create a perfect snuggly ambience, elevate your brunches, brighten your dinners, or add heating for your room. Calm fireplaces add an inviting glow to any setting - NO more tears, NO more Smoke.

Portable Fireplaces for Cafe

For lavish-dinners & chai in winters.

Add a gentle charm and a dash of elegance to your dinners, dates, camping trips or that quiet moment of peace to snuggle-in.

'Calm' Fireplaces are GUARANTEED for 10 years and will last a lifetime if treated well.

Our fireplaces are hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and truly magical to use. We have 4 designs to suit every need - portability, warmth, ambience, and beauty.

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Portable Fireplaces

Cute, Portable Fireplaces

Everlasting, tough, and bright enough for all settings, but also large enough to create that cozy, warm atmosphere.

Our Portable Fireplaces are perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

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