CALM BY FIRE is an entirely different experience, we expect you may have a few queries. We're here to help!

How do I light the flame ?
Pour fuel carefully into the fireplace, wipe any spills on the edges or the table, and now simply touch the fuel with a lighted matchstick or flame.

How to I turn off the flame ?
The base of the fireplace is the perfect tool for doing so. Just smoothly slide the base-coaster provided across the top and let it be. The flame will be deprived of oxygen and will die out. Lift the base-coaster after 5 seconds to check if the flame is out or not.

What if there is a spill of the flame does not turn off – should I pour water?
NEVER pour water on this flame. Throw a lot of mud or sand on the fire to extinguish the fire if there is any kind of accident or spillage.

Where should I store my Fuel bottle?
Always keep it away from Direct-Sunlight.
Always keep it away from Electrical Sockets or any kind of electrical Appliances.
Always keep it away from the reach of children or animals.
Always keep it away from anyplace where there is any risk of fire or flame or sparks.
KEEP IT STORED in a cool, dark, dry place, with the lid tightly closed. 

Can I add Fuel to the fireplace while it is still burning?  
Absolutely NOT. Nothing flammable should ever be added to a live flame.

Can I use other fuels?

While other fuels may burn, we strongly recommend using only the CALM Fire Fuel – which is tested, safe, burns efficiently, and is budget friendly. You really don’t need anything else to light up the fire!

How long does it last?
Depending on ambient temperature, wind, amount of fuel poured etc. you can expect a 40-50 minute burn time on a single fill under ideal conditions.

How long can I burn it?
We strongly recommend a cooling period of 20 minutes after 2 successive rounds of burning since the outer casing can get hot to handle with bare hands. While CALM BY FIRE has been built to withstand extremely high temperatures, It does though get hot to the touch and this is good to mitigate by letting it cool. Also the heat held by the casing will be passed to the alcohol, making it burn more quickly and hotter. This again is mitigated with a cool-down period.

What is it made of?
Yep, everyone asks that!  All CALM BY FIRE models use a proprietary mix of materials and chemicals, built to withstand repeated rounds of heating and cooling, and extreme temperatures. Please do not try making this at home yourself or trust casual copycats, since it can lead to extremely severe accidents or burns or injuries. We want you to be safe, comfy, and enjoy the warm glow of Athena and Anubis while having a good time.

Can I really burn it indoors?
Yes, you can burn it inside your homes, but ONLY in a properly ventilated space with either a window or two open, or else with the AC/ventilation system working. NEVER light the flame in a closed room – we cannot emphasize this point enough.

Does it create Soot?
Under conditions of insufficient oxygen, Soot might get deposited on the inside of the cavity or wherever the flame touches directly. However, there will be NO deposits on your ceiling or surfaces and there is no carbon monoxide.

What If I feel nauseous or get a headache?
This might happen indoors if your room isn’t well ventilated. In such a scenario, turn off the flame carefully, and then go outdoors to breathe the fresh air for 10-20 minutes.

How does it do in the wind?
It works great actually! It's in fact very difficult for wind to blow it out. But please know that in instances of extraordinarily high wind it has a chance of blowing the fuel out of the basin onto surfaces. So, when it’s really windy, it is advisable not to light the flame.

Is it safe to cook over it? 
Absolutely! The only byproducts of our Fuel are water vapor and carbon dioxide. So it is totally safe and tasty to cook paneer, marshmallows, veggies, fish or meat over the place. Just like over a campfire!

Can I touch the flame?
Absolutely NOT. This is fire, just like any other. Direct or even Close contact with the flame can cause severe burn injuries. So, please maintain a distance of at least 12 inches from the flame.

How much heat does it put off?
Actually, just enough to warm your hands! From a distance it feels like a warm-hug or clutching a sun-warmed blanket. In summertime, it won't counteract your AC, but will still give you the coziness you deserve. This makes summertime s'mores and fire-treats more possible than ever!

Can it tip over and spill?
We have designed the entire collection by CALM BY FIRE to be extremely stable. But please note, that the fuel, like any liquid, can slosh. For this reason we insist that it only be placed on a stationary, flat, and stable surface, where there is no risk of accidentally tipping it over.

Is there anywhere I shouldn't put it?
Keep it off of any wobbly or unstable surfaces. Also keep things like table cloths or fabrics or clothes of any kind, or any kind of flammable material, a safe distance away just in case there is a spill.

Can I carry my fireplace in my hands while it is burning?
Absolutely NOT. While we know that it might look really cool and fun to carry Athena or Anubis around while they’re lighted, the risk is too high to do so. Any accident or falls or spill can lead to unprecedented consequences that can threaten both life and property. So, please only carry and move the fireplaces once they’re extinguished.

Thank you so much for your patience and time to read all of this!
We look forward to bringing warmth and happiness to your homes and cherished moments of every day. Please buy, support, and share! Your support is what keeps us going :)