Our Story

Fire-lamp, Fireplace, Firepit, Festival

Calm is a creation by individuals with a love for the raw wilderness, and the cozy, warm comfort of home. To be able to give to you the pleasure of savouring each moment & connecting you to an experience that is primal like no other - that of taming Fire. 

What emerged was a creation that stuns at first glance. It is hypnotic, 
powerful, and a sight to behold. It is comforting, and calm. These are...

Fireplaces that are made to warm your hands 
Fireplaces that you can carry along for your treks & holidays
Fireplaces that elevate any meal with their dancing flames
Fireplaces that can be used both indoors and outdoors
Fireplaces perfect for use all around the year, in all seasons
Fireplaces that in this age of use & throw, will last for decades
Fireplaces that touch your emotional, solace-craving core 
Fireplaces that always make heads turn
Fireplaces that are the perfect gift
Fireplaces, that are True

Calm fireplaces will continue to evolve, get better, and will always be made
in small hand-crafted batches. We aim to get you to size the moment that exits - enjoy it, revel in it, share it, be comforted by it. Make Calm a part of it. 

Please walk-in to any of our experience centres for a demonstration